Topgesicht is a team of creatives who know the concept of the brand and reflect it in their designs. Our goal is to bring solutions that meet our expectations for our customers and projects in all parts of the world from our office in central Canada. More than 100 projects implemented in the 10 years since our foundation show how successful we have been. The way we work, is extremely lean and effective. We listen to you, and after learning your vision, we come back to you with creative solutions that are best suited to your needs and your target audience.

Our Services
t has the knowledge and experience to respond to the requirements of its customers at every stage of the project in terms of Architecture, Interior Design, booth. Our goal is that the designs we offer our customers on paper are of quality to meet different expectations and that dreams can become a reality in the implementation phase. In line with the increasing demand in recent years, we have carried out shop, restaurant, residential and office activities in the field of interior design, and we have signed award-winning applications of various sizes in every point of the world in terms of booths. We can pick up our services under the following headings :

Architectural design, project and application services
Interior design, project and application services
Architectural and interior design consulting
Turnkey Projects
Project management and management consulting
Application control and application management
Coordination of various interdisciplinary projects, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and landscape