Decorative ideas from my colorful summer kitchen

I’ll take you to my summer kitchen today, which is the absolute favorite room in my home. Not only because I love to cook, but also because of the good mood look that the colorful dishes and decorations in pastel colors exude. You can find my and two other great kitchens from dear blogger colleagues in the new “Schön hier” magazine, which you can get for free in every DEPOT branch!

Our kitchen is open and merges into the living area. Thanks to a pantry that offers plenty of storage space, we could do without wall cabinets. We just hung a few open shelves where I like to display my favorite dishes. You can access our large balcony from the kitchen. In summer the door is actually always open and friends do not use the front door, but always come directly into our kitchen.

I built the open shelves from wine boxes myself, pasted them with wallpaper and painted them. I also painted the lamps myself. The large storage area has everything you need frequently: storage jars , the metal bread bin and our “fruit basket” – a metal sieve with a vintage look.

My dishes are a colorful mix of vintage pieces and new parts. The plates from the Pure Ornament series by DEPOT match my summer look perfectly, because they remind me of Portuguese tiles.

On the other side hangs a string shelf from the 1960s, in which our breakfast dishes are.

I built the wooden cake stand for fruits and vegetables myself, you can find the instructions for this here on the blog!

I hope to have given you a little fancy for colorful summer decorations!

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