DIY thread picture with spring flowers

Spring is coming with big strides. The days are getting longer and brighter. The sun shows up more and more. The desire for fresh flowers is growing. But buy new cut flowers every week? Always drape again? It’s fun, but something lengthy that always looks nice would be the perfect decoration solution for spring, summer, autumn … We have a great DIY idea for you, one that looks very, very long, fresh and inviting. A thread picture with a graceful wire basket and artificial flowers!

You need this for your DIY thread picture:

For this DIY you need above all beautiful, spring-like artificial flowers. We used  white and pink ranunculus from DEPOT , as well as a pretty, white hydrangea branch, also from DEPOT. 
You also need a wooden board , we decided here for a spruce board with the dimensions 60 x 40 cm and cotton thread, hammer and nails . If you want to paint the board beforehand, then of course you need your desired color . We have glazed the wooden board white so that you can still see the beautiful wooden structure later. This gives the whole a noble natural look.

That’s how it works:

Step 1 – draw the vase:

Carefully draw your desired vase with a pencil on your wooden board.
A nail is then hammered in at each corner point. Not until it stops, but let some air in so that the flowers will fit under the wool thread later.
The more corner points the wire basket has, the more beautiful it becomes. Do not be afraid of crooked dots, this gives the whole picture a little more DIY character.

Step 2 – design the thread picture:

Knot your thread properly on a nail and go from nail to nail. Always loop around it and continue to the next nail until your picture is complete.
It is always exciting to see how a small work of art is created from individual points.

Step 3 – arrange flowers:

And now it’s time to decorate. Put your artificial flowers in your thread vase.
Arrange the flowers and slide them back and forth until you like the big picture. It is really relaxing and meditative to create a magical wall decoration with these pretty flowers.

Step 4 – the finishing touch:

Are all flowers in the right place? Then you can now drive the nails a little further. In this way, the wool threads hold the flowers perfectly between the thread and the wood, and nothing has to be glued.
When hammering in, take care that your thread does not break.

And your own thread picture is finished, which looks fresh and enchanting all spring!

Have fun with it and decorate yourselves happily,

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