Hygienic outdoor decoration with lights and plants

In summer, the garden or terrace quickly becomes a second living room. It gets even more cozy – or as the Danes would say “more hygienic” – with lots of lights and even more plants in beautiful planters.

When it comes to lights, light chains with small light bulbs and portable LED lamps are the trend in the outdoor area. And of course the urban jungle trend doesn’t stop at the garden either. Eucalyptus, fig trees and astilbe quickly turn your own garden or terrace into a plant paradise in modern planters . The nice thing about potted plants is that they are usually easy to care for and that gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful sides of summer.

Hyggele summer feeling in your own garden

For a holiday feeling in your own garden, simply set up a table, benches and flowers. Decorate a lot of lights – in the form of LED outdoor lights , fairy lights and outdoor candles . Just looking at the arrangement, I was directly thinking about the next vacation. A successfully arranged scene is enough to relax and feel good. Then a few cool, refreshing drinks and good friends and the perfect summer evening can come.

Some planters, like the trendy concrete pots, can also be used as a large vase. This then z. B. with fern or wild carrot from the garden.

Decoration tip : Simply attach the flowers from the vase, such as the fern here, to the fairy lights with a piece of yarn. So you can quickly and easily create a small decorative highlight.

By the way, the fairy lights can easily be hung on two bamboo sticks from the hardware store. Use a hammer to carefully hammer the sticks to the right and left of the table into the ground. If you don’t have a garden but a terrace, you can attach the bamboo sticks to the table with cable ties or thread.

Trendy outdoor lights at night – perfect for the garden party

What looks beautiful during the day becomes a real highlight in the evening at dusk and in the dark. The many lights conjure up an absolute feel-good atmosphere. This shows once again that it doesn’t take much to create unforgettable summer evenings.

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