Ideas for summer place cards

Place cards or place cards are mainly used when a certain seating arrangement is desired. But place cards are much more than just formal place binders. Depending on the festival and the occasion, table cards can be designed individually and give the banquet table a very personal, inviting touch. In addition to the classic place cards, nicely decorated bottles, glasses and other items are also suitable to show the guests the place. Today I will show you how you can make such table cards quickly and easily yourself.

1) Classic table cards

These classic table cards are made of handmade paper quickly and with little material.

You need the following materials:

  • handmade paper (10 x 12 cm)
  • Stamp alphabet
  • flowers
  • Washi tape

How to do it:

  1. Fold the handmade paper in half.
  2. Print the name with letter stamps.
  3. Attach small flowers with washi tape.

Place cards are a little more personal and inviting if a welcome greeting is added to the name. With the help of an embossing device , I printed and stuck the name and the words “Welcome” on it. Instead of washi tape, you can also use small wooden clips to attach the flowers.

2) wooden shingle as place cards

This place card made of a wooden shingle looks a little rustic but very natural.

You need the following materials:

  • thin wooden shingle
  • Cake topper (round, small)
  • Cord / decorative ribbon
  • alphabetic

How to do it:

  1. Stick the cake topper with spray adhesive.
  2. Wrap the cord around the shingle a few times.
  3. Tie a few flowers into a small bouquet and put them between the cords.
  4. Stamp the name with letter stamps.

3) Paper bags as place cards

The practical thing about these place cards – they are also a nice gift for guests.

You need the following materials:

  • paper bags
  • self-adhesive flower stickers and bows from Depot
  • alphabetic
  • Glass bottles / vases
  • flowers

How to do it:

  1. Stamp names on the bags.
  2. Cover the bags with self-adhesive flowers and bows.
  3. Place glass bottles in the bags and fill them with flowers.

4) Mason bottle with name card

A little white color, a pretty ribbon and we get a decorative vase for our guests from an ordinary jar bottle.

You need the following materials:

  • Weckflasche
  • white spray paint
  • Schmuckband
  • gift Tags
  • embossing machine
  • flowers

How to do it:

  1. Paint the disposable bottle with white spray paint.
  2. Tie a pretty ribbon around the neck of the bottle.
  3. Print the name with the embossing device and stick it on a gift tag.
  4. Attach the gift tag to the jewelry ribbon
  5. Load the bottle with flowers.

5) Place cards for the little guests

Children love sweets and are definitely looking forward to a nice glass filled with colorful sweets. If you then have your own name on it, the joy is twice as great!

You need the following materials:

  • mason jar
  • Adhesive labels with chalk field from DEPOT
  • chalk
  • Cord, ribbon
  • sweets

How to do it:

  1. Write the name on the label with a chalk pen.
  2. Stick the label on the mason jar.
  3. Tie a cord or ribbon around the glass.
  4. Fill the jar with candy.

I hope I was able to give you a few suggestions on the topic of “summery table cards” and hope you enjoy copying.


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