Outdoor decoration in boho style

Summer is at your fingertips! Hot days and mild nights have been lined up for a few weeks now, and there is even a holiday feeling in domestic and otherwise weather-drenched Germany. At the latest now we can hardly wait to set ourselves up outdoors and give the balcony, terrace or corner in the garden a flair that makes us forget that we are at home and not in foreign countries. This year we particularly fell in love with the boho style, which is not only trendy in fashion – the wild and warm mix of styles also inspires the untamed free spirits when it comes to outdoor decoration. A little hippie, a little oriental and a lot of ethno: that’s what makes the boho style. Wild mixes of patterns and fabrics, bright colors and warm accents describe this style, that conveys a feeling of woodstock and vacation in exotic countries at the same time. So that you can implement the extravagant style yourself, we give you tips on how to get to the trendy decoration trend quickly and easily.

So you implement the boho style properly

How do you style a style that is characterized by a break in style? Above all, you need courage to trust your own feeling for color and cosiness. As a guide, you can orient yourself on the following elements that are part of the basic equipment of the wild-exotic boho style:

Don’t save with pillows: pillows of all sizes, shapes and colors are the heart of the hippie chic. Whether on the outdoor armchair, the garden bench or the soft grass – you can never have enough cushions to lean on. For a particularly oriental and exotic flair, spread your large seat cushion directly on the floor . Then only the matching low table is missing, and you can invite friends over for a relaxing after-work drink in an authentic atmosphere.

Loving Kinkerlitzchen : Sterile minimalism is completely out of place with this decorative style. No surface should be empty here, no table should be uncovered. From vases , candles and macrame elements to decorative bowls and natural materials: the scene should appear lively and invite you to sit together at any time.

If you want to let off steam, you can find instructions here on how to easily implement the macrame trend yourself : do-it-yourself hanging basket.

Warm colors, little white: The most striking aspect of the boho style is the variety of warm colors. Basically, you are completely free to choose here as long as it stays warm and friendly: Earth and warm shades of red mostly form the basic framework, which is breathed into life with contrast-colored ornaments – it can be purple, turquoise, yellow, orange or green.

Dim lighting for cozy hours: Especially in the evening, the wrong lighting can quickly destroy the attentively set up picture. LED spotlights, neon tubes or other cold, too bright light has lost nothing here. Instead, it is advisable to work with indirect light sources that conjure up a dim atmosphere. The most natural of all forms of lighting still suits the boho style best: warm, dynamic candlelight.

Oriental boho chic for long-distance travel in your own outdoor area

If you follow this basic principle, not much can go wrong. The golden rule is: Dare to freely combine patterns, colors and textures. The goal is reached when you let yourself fall on your pillows after a hard day and sniff a breath of holiday air with a drink in your hand.

We wish you a great summer!

Hygienic outdoor decoration with lights and plants
Autumn bouquet with grasses and flowers