Spring awakening – decorate with bulbs

Now that the Christmas tree has certainly been thrown out at many, one does not want to wait until the beginning of spring to stock up on fresh flowers. Right now, the early bloomers like tulips, daffodils and daffodils are vying for our attention and luring with their bright colors. I can not resist and love to bring color and sun into our home in the still cold, dark winter with onion flowers. It doesn’t take much to make beautiful unique specimens and small works of art from early bloomers yourself. Here are a few tips and suggestions from me, so that you can enjoy the beautiful flowers for as long as possible.

To get a nice overall picture with bulb flowers, we remove the flowers from the plastic pots. The early bloomers can be arranged more beautifully in glass or ceramic containers. I chose the large ball vase from DEPOT for this  .

Their large opening is ideal for conjuring up a small flower meadow for the table. Of course you can use any other suitable glass jar.

So that arrangements in the glass do not look too boring and to give the flowers better hold, you should add moss, small stones or shells to the glass. Since the bulbs have stored their nutrients in the bulb, they do not necessarily need additional nutrient-rich soil. Branches are also a good companion for early bloomers – such as cherry blossoms and catkins, but also pine cones, pieces of bark and dried grass look particularly good in the arrangement.

Here’s how: Spring awakening – decorate with bulbs

First you choose spring messengers like tulips, crocuses, snowdrops and hyacinths, preferably not in full bloom. I used different hyacinths here. At home you take them out of the plastic pots and rinse the earth from the bulbs and roots under running water. Then the bulbs are placed in the clean glass jar. Ideally you should start with the bigger flowers, the small grape hyacinths come to the front.

For a better hold of the flowers I put generous fresh moss around the bulbs.
The onions are allowed to remain visible. It is important that only the roots get water and not the onions are put under water. So you will enjoy the early bloomers for longer.

Finally, the vessel can be decorated with other natural materials. For this I added a pine cone garland that I found at DEPOT. Pussy willow stalks are also good for spring awakening – decorate with bulbs.

If you place your decoration in the sun or in direct light, the early bloomers will bloom relatively quickly.

Tip: To slow down the process of fading, do not place it directly next to the heater or fireplace. Add a little water every few days. It is important not to water too much. The flowers should not be in damp moss.

You can also wrap a flower bulb with moss and then tie it to a towel ring.

This then hung on the closet or door makes a nice visual impression. Moisten the moss from time to time, so it lasts a few days.

I hope you enjoy decorating!

All the best

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