Spring-like decoration idea with artificial flowers from DEPOT

Tired of dark, cold winter days? Do you fancy spring? Then today I have the right DIY for you. At DEPOT there is currently a huge selection of high quality artificial flowers that can hardly be distinguished from real flowers. With their bright colors, these artificial flowers set happy and fresh accents in the house. Whether as a single branch in a stylish vase or as a floral arrangement on the table, artificial flowers beautify and enliven our home.

DIY – Spring arrangement of flowers made of artificial flowers

For this decorative idea made of artificial flowers, I made a basic structure out of wooden strips and rabbit wire. A wide variety of artificial flowers, branches and fresh flowers can be put into a decorative flower arrangement in this cuboidal wire cube. If you don’t feel like flower decorations in between, you can simply turn the cube over and use it as a basket for various utensils.

DIY instructions – flower arrangement from artificial flowers

For this DIY you need the following materials:

  • Wooden strips approx.8mm: 6 x 30cm, 2x20cm, 4 × 16.5cm, 8 × 12.5cm,
  • chicken wire
  • Chalk color (white)
  • screw
  • cordless drill
  • saw
  • tacker
  • tongs
  • artificial flowers

And this is how it is done:

Cut wooden strips

Use a saw to cut the wooden strips to the appropriate length. If you want to save yourself this work, you can also have the wooden strips cut to size in the hardware store.

Manufacture wooden frames

A total of five wooden frames are made from the wooden slats. The wooden slats can be connected quickly and easily with a hand tacker.

Cut the rabbit rail to size

Using a pair of pliers, the rabbit grille is now cut to the size of the individual areas. The rabbit grill can also be easily attached to the wooden frame with a stapler.

Screw the surfaces together

All five surfaces are screwed together using a cordless screwdriver. This gives us a cuboid cube that is open at the bottom. If you also want to use the cube for fresh flowers, you can put a floral foam brick to put fresh flowers in the cube.

Paint the cube with chalk paint

Finally, the basic structure for our floral decoration is painted with white chalk paint.

Spring floral arrangement of artificial flowers

Now only a few flowers are missing and our colorful flower arrangement is ready. I only used artificial flowers for this decoration idea. You can of course also take fresh flowers or you can conjure up a combination of fresh cut flowers and artificial flowers, which also looks very pretty.

Material for the floral arrangement

  • Eucalyptus branch
  • Bunch of zinnia flowers
  • Cherry blossom branch
  • Stalk flower ranunculus
  • hydrangea

And this is how it is done:

 First, the stems of the artificial flowers are cut to the appropriate length using pliers. Now you can start pinning the flowers. To do this, place the largest flower (ranunculus) in the middle of the cube. From the center you work on both sides in the opposite corners. Gaps can be filled with small flowers. Just try out which combination you like best. Tip: When choosing the color of the flowers, you should not choose more than three different shades, so that the arrangement does not look too restless. Green plants like eucalyptus loosen up the flower arrangement.
Tip: Depending on the season, you can populate this cube with different branches and flowers. You can also incorporate small decorative accessories such as Easter eggs or Christmas balls. In just a few simple steps, you can get a flower arrangement that matches the season.

These magical lanterns from DEPOT, which I chose as a companion for my spring-like flower arrangement, have the delicate effect of spring. The lanterns are available in dusky pink and green. I find the combination of these two spring-like colors particularly beautiful.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with this DIY.
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