Trendy balloon vases – 3 decorative ideas

Balloon vases are one of the trends this summer that will undoubtedly continue into autumn and winter. The large, simple all-rounders are a real eye-catcher when it comes to decoration and are so versatile. Their size alone makes them work, which is why they should be decorated as a soloist as well as in a group.

Large balloon vase in combination with smaller glass vases in the Scandi look

In keeping with the trendy, natural scandinavian look, the large balloon vase can be decorated in its brown tone . It is particularly effective in combination with somewhat smaller, simple glass vases and only a few dried grasses.

So it fits perfectly into a bright, simple living room with a Scandi look.

A highlight of the balloon vase collection even without decoration

It is often the case that decorative objects such as vases, candlesticks, glass bells etc. look even more beautiful in large quantities than alone. That’s how I feel about balloon vases. Combining several different of these interior must-haves can only be one highlight. So also on the antique locker cabinet in the hallway.

Here new vases were mixed with antique vases. I find it particularly nice that one of the new balloon vases looks just as old thanks to the antique finish . So they also work all alone, without flowers, grasses etc.

Several balloon vases with green flowers for a natural greenery look

Lined up on a simple shelf with simple, green cut flowers, the balloon vases are also a decorative highlight. In combination with light wood, raffia baskets and light colors, the glass jars go well with the Nordic style.

As a single eye-catcher in blue with decoration in a maritime look

But even as a soloist, the balloon vase does quite a bit. Suitable for summer in a beautiful blue, arranged with a little summer decoration. This is how quickly you can decorate a subtle maritime look in your own 4 walls. Suitable for this are e.g. B. grasses, a few shells and the cute porcelain pendants ” Fernweh ” and ” Strandperle ” from Depot.

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