Upcycling: DIY fairy lights

Fairy lights have become a “must have” for decorative purposes. Whether for the summer party, for the terrace or balcony design or for decoration in the house. Fairy lights can be used in many ways and should not be missing at any time of the year, because they conjure up a fine lighting mood in the room at the push of a button. Umbrellas for fairy lights can be easily made by yourself. For my DIY fairy lights, I used empty “sushi fish”, small plastic bottles in the shape of a fish, filled with soy sauce, in a sushi package. So that these fish do not end up in the garbage, you can use them wonderfully for this “upcycling”.

Decorate with a DIY fairy lights

Fairy lights are popular decorative elements, especially in summer. As soon as the sun goes down, the switch is turned and a wonderful lighting mood shines. Nowadays there is no party without lights and no beer garden summer without light reflections on the chestnut leaves. You can also design and decorate fairy lights in the Asian style. My DIY light chain replaces the candle in the bamboo lantern from DEPOT. Slightly draped over it, it becomes a fine eye-catcher. The chain of lights is battery operated, which has the advantage that there is no need for a power socket nearby. Even if the summer shows a rainy side, you can use the string of lights in the house, as you can see.

DIY fairy lights are made very quickly and even faster you can create a fine lighting mood for the summer evening at the push of a button. Get your fairy lights from the basement and off you go:

DIY fairy lights, this is needed:

String lights with battery operation (10 LED candles or more), 10 sushi fish for soy sauce (or more)

All sushi lovers now get their money’s worth, because the little “sushi fish” are quickly converted into fairy lights for this DIY fairy lights. If you don’t like sushi, you can get the small fish in the Asian snack bar, maybe they’ll even have empty bottles at the start.

DIY fairy lights, how it is made:

  • Empty the fish if you couldn’t get empty bottles
  • Rinse the fish bottles with warm water and let them dry
  • When the fish are dry, the plastic fish with the opening over the LED candles of the fairy lights, they hold quite well. If they slip anyway because the LED lights are too narrow, they can be fixed with tape.

What is upcycling?

The term upcycling is composed of two words: 1. Up- English above and 2. -cycling of recycling

With upcycling, the materials of the products are not recycled, but the existing product itself is upgraded in design.

We are now using the Suhsifische as light screens for the DIY fairy lights, a very simple upcycling.

You don’t want to make a chain of lights yourself? DEPOT has beautiful> fairy lights <in the range!

I hope you enjoy decorating.

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